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Team Member Spotlight

We are now 30-days away from "Welcome Wednesday" at the 2017 FIRST World Championship. While this is crunch time as we continue fundraising efforts, it is also very exciting. In just 30 days, we get to meet and compete alongside other FLL teams from all over the world! It's awesome to see how each team has interpreted and taken off with the same rules and season guidelines we all received. We can't wait to see what animals everyone chose and their innovative solutions. We can't wait to see the complexity and ingenuity of everyone's robots. ...I mean they're made out of Legos and an intelligence brick and they do some of the most amazing things. We always come back with some many great ideas after attending international events and connecting with so many different, creative teams. Knowing that we were selected to compete in such an arena is pretty humbling. We've come up with a lot of great ideas for our pit area this year to represent southeast Louisiana. We definitely appreciate the help of our families to get our vision accomplished.

In honor of the fast approaching FIRST World Championship, we decided to post the Team Member Spotlights Coach Jean-Marie recently helped us put together.

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