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Another Family Lego Night In the Books!

We hosted our third annual Family Lego Night (FLN) at the Louisiana Children's Discovery Center tonight. We had a blast getting to work with so many cool kids. We were able to raise enough money at this event to pay for one night of lodging for each team member at the upcoming FIRST World Championship. FLN is always our biggest fundraiser each year.

Once we got to the Louisiana Children's Discovery Center, we split up and set up our event booths. This was a real team effort. We then ate some pizza compliments of our coaches while waiting for all our guests to arrive. There were so many games to choose from tonight. Right as you entered, we had Duplo Bridge Debacle, Soccer Battle Bots and 2 EV3 Creations...a Rubik's Cube solver and super cool elephant. When you turned the corner, there was our Long Bridge Challenge, Lego Catapult Build, Lego Mind Puzzle, Mystery Games and Lego Challenge Build. In the party room, guests could redeem tickets to get a cookie iced by an EV3 Bot or a pice of original art using another new build. It was great.

We definitely had plenty of volunteers. Team families were there to help with set up and run the concessions and craft area. We had a lot of great snacks for sale complements of our team families. There were Lego-themed chocolates, fruit kabobs, iced marshmallow mini figure heads and cookies. Tobotics FRC and FTC teams were a help and so were our parents. We are now preparing for the Triple Robot Reveal at Hammond High Magnet School on Saturday, February 25th. We can't wait to see all of their amazing robots and to get a tour of their engineering lab.

What does each Bayou Builder contribute to the team?


I feel like I contribute ideas, humor, fun and great snack! I support the team with my love of Legos, awesomeness, kindness, intelligence, creativeness and reliability.


I believe I contribute a lot of good ideas to the team. I provide a love of guinea pigs, weirdness, laughs, a friend and a big imagination. More than anything, I contribute my willingness to tryout new things.

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