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Lego Crafts, Games & More!!!

At today's meeting we were hard at work getting everything organized for next week's Family Lego Night. We had a lot of fun organizing Legos for each game and creating different build examples. Coach Ben built a Lego catapult example that almost took out Coach Jean-Marie and Preston. It had a lot of potential energy! As a result, Coach Ben and Adam decided on a tamer version. Adam even learned how to use Lego Designer to create an instruction booklet for the build to help participants.

In other happenings...

Preston and Coach Ben worked on tweaking the program for Preston's EV3 Elephant. Jillian and Bella practiced with our Art Bot. They ended up decorating everyone's agendas. Holden separated out the Legos needed for his Long Bridge Build. Rebekah arranged items for one of our Lego Minute-to-Win-It games. Jasmine and Jesse worked on an original static display to sell at Family Lego Night, while Linus worked to firm up his Lego Mind Puzzle design. As we were able, we all helped with the Lego crafts. We decided to make Lego Key Chains and Lego Bracelets to sell. We can't wait for next Friday's event!

We hope you will join us!!!!


What does each team member contribute to the Bayou Builders?


Rebekah has been a member of the Bayou Builders for the past three seasons. It has been an honor to watch her skill, interests and leadership develop during this time. While there is not a formal captain on the team since they place equal value on everyone's ideas and opinions, as the oldest team member Rebekah sets a solid tone with respect to leadership. She exhibits a true desire to make sure everyone is included, while at the same time ensuring that how they go about inclusion is fair. Rebekah is always willing to help out where ever she is needed. She strives to be a part of both robot design and project. She provides organization to team projects and is always quick to help boost the confidence of younger team members when a challenge is encountered.


While this is Jillian's first year officially on the team, she has been the team's devoted mascot for the past four years. Despite being our youngest team member, she is not afraid to share her ideas with the team and step out of her comfort zone. She is treated as an equal. She would tell you that she hopes to one day be just as strong a team member and programmer as her older sister whom she idolizes. We would point out that her unique drive, commitment to her teammates and desire to always do her best while having fun sets her apart. Jillian has been a presenter at our community outreach events showcasing her programming since she was six years old. We are excited to see where she will take her FIRST experience in the years to come.

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