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Making Plans for Family Lego Night

We started off today's meeting talking about the changes that we need to make to our project as we develop some new upgrades. We got into talking a lot about the math that goes into figuring out if our project really works. Everything has to be perfect before we ever try it out with live animals. We are looking forward to having the chance to share our project with people at the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission's annual symposium on February 4.

We spent most of today's meeting focused on making plans for Family Lego Night. In addition to a lot of cool games, we will have Lego crafts on sale, lots of Lego themed snacks and a raffle that was created using one of our Mentor's 3D printers. We are looking forward to having a lot of fun at this event. Below is a list of the games that we will have for our guests to enjoy:

Duplo Bridge Debacle

Battle Bots

Lego Challenge Build

Lego Catapults

Lego Long Bridge Challenge

Lego Mind Puzzle

Lego Minute-to-Win-It games

We will also have some cool EV3 Mindstorm builds for guests to interact with like our EV3 Rubik's Cube Solver, Elephant, EV Icer and art bot.

What does being on the Bayou Builders mean to me?


The Bayou Builders have meant a lot to me over my first year on the team. This team has shown me how to have fun and have a good laugh. It has also shown me that it's safe to make mistakes. The Bayou Builders have also shown me sticking together will get you through many tough moments in life.


The Bayou Builders means a lot to me. This group of people have been my second family for three years and I never want it to end.

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