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The final countdown to Family Lego Night has begun!

Today's meeting was a whirlwind! There was so much to do to continue getting ready for our big event this Friday. We are all very excited about Friday. After going over the logistics for setup and how we plan to run each event, team members broke up into smaller groups to work on making sure each challenge has exactly what it needs for Friday. We also went out on the LCDC exhibit floor to decide exactly where we want to place and set up each challenge. We had to think about the best way to showcase each challenge while also accommodating crowd movement. Seeing everything coming together is always so much fun and really builds the anticipation. We even had a chance to experiment with the Soccer bots and try to score some goals. We now have four different bots to choose from for this challenge!

When not working on specific Lego engineering challenges, team members worked together to open and sort prizes, organize Lego crafts and fold event brochures. Each guest will receive an event brochure once they arrive. The brochure explains how each challenge works and how to earn tickets to redeem for an assortment of prizes located in the Party Room. Also in the Party Room we will have our concessions, Lego crafts and our Cookie Icer bot and Art Bot. We really have so much fun in store for everyone. All the money raised from this event will go to help our team secure participation at the FIRST World Championship this April. This is an amazing opportunity for our team. Out of roughly 28,000 FIRST Lego League teams world-wide, our team is one of only 214 asked to compete at one of two FIRST World Championships. It is truly humbling to have the chance to compete again on this type of world stage and have the opportunity to connect with and learn from so many amazing teams from all over.

If you are in the Hammond area this Friday evening from 5:30pm - 8:30pm, we would definitely invite you to join in the fun we have in store! Tickets are $10 per person over the age of 2. We would also like to take the chance to express our very sincere appreciation to all of our families and the most awesome HHMS Torbotics #2080 for all of their continued help and support. Members of Hammond High's Torbotics are actually taking time out of their current build season to help our team members host Friday's event!


What does each team member contribute to the Bayou Builders?


We have had the true privilege of working with Jesse and watching him continue to grow and develop his interests over the past three seasons. Jesse is a true team player. He looks forward to each meeting as he genuinely regards the team as his second family. It has been such a pleasure to witness with each season Jesse develop a stronger sense of self and confidence in his abilities. He has become a skilled presenter and has developed poise in the face of adversity. He never gives up!


It has been such a pleasure to welcome Holden to the team this season. We first met Holden at one of our community events last season. He instantly impressed us with his level of interest, unique insight and gracious attitude. Holden brings a heightened sense of creativity and dedication to the team. He is willing to try out his own ideas, incorporate suggestions and doesn't shy away from taking chances or making mistakes. When faced with obstacles, Holden's strong sense of sportsmanship and support have become part of the foundation in which the team relies.

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