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Soccer/Battle Bots is Born!!!

It didn't take long during today's meeting before our Battle Bots turned into Soccer Bots. We can't wait to launch this game at next Friday's Family Lego Night. We've built one Bot that has a moving claw and another with a shooter. We've also built goals that you can launch balls into. Participants at Family Lego Night will have the choice to use our bots to either play soccer or battle bots. We have different attachments built depending on what someone decides to play. We had a lot of fun testing out our bots at the end of today's meeting until we ran down our batteries.

When not working on our bots today, team members painted picture frame magnets that we plan to sell at Family Lego Night. We've collected and sorted through a lot of Legos from old mission models that we plan to use in decorating the magnets. We also talked over plans for how we plan to entertain our guests next week. We have a lot of different prizes to share along with our crafts. Several team families also plan to make Lego-themed treats for us to sell. One of our Mentors, Lauren, has made over 150 Lego chocolates and plans to also make homemade Lego gingerbread cookies and gummies. One of our team families is planning to make Lego-fruit kabobs, while another is making Lego mini-figure marshmallow heads. We also plan to have delicious king cake donuts to sell. We are hoping to have a good turn out at this event. All money earned from this event will be used to secure our lodging at the FIRST World Championship in Houston this April. We truly appreciate the support of our community!

Coaches Input...

What does each team member contribute to the Bayou Builders?


Just like every other member on the team, there is so much you could say about Matthew. He is a true team player and has a dedication to the team that rivals no other. If asked, he would tell you that he wished we met more often. Matthew contributes considerable engineering intelligence in addition to a great sense of humor. While humble about his prior knowledge, he has taken on a leadership role in sharing these experiences with others on the team. Matthew excels in his presentation skills and embodies the sentiment that for the team to succeed it must always be a team effort. For Matthew, it is truly safe to make mistakes.


Despite his young age, Preston is the voice of reason on the team. He takes to heart all discussions and ideas presented and provides honest input. In response to those rare occasions when tensions occur, Preston is often quick to step in as the peacemaker. He displays a desire to help the team achieve in all aspects and is always quick to jump in and volunteer his ideas and support. He would tell you that he contributes laughter, good snack and determination...but that he is not a fan of vegetables. We would whole-heartedly agree. Preston has a charismatic, light-hearted personality that shows through in all of his endeavors. We have come to rely heavily on his willingness to take chances and learn new things.

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