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The Excitement is Building

Today, we started off our meeting with muffins from Cocoa Bean! Then we did a team building activity. We had to play musical chairs without anyone being eliminated. At the end, we had everyone huddled together on one chair. Just like our the face of obstacles, we work together to find a solution and make sure we're all on board.

We are working hard on our Family Lego Night for February 10. We are also trying to improve our presentation scripts for Worlds. One of our team members, Adam, is also preparing for a robotics competition with his Junior Beta Club. They've created an EV3 robot named B.O.B. He can spell his name. At today's meeting some of our team members worked on building a Battle Bot for Family Lego Night that has a moving claw that can be controlled by remote control. We also started working on another bot that runs on a track system. If not working on sorting Legos, our remaining team members used today's meeting to finalize our Lego Minute-to-Win-It games and make enhancements to our Lego Mind Puzzle and Lego Challenge Build games.

You can buy Family Lego Night tickets on-line by visiting the Louisiana Children's Discovery Center's website. It's going to be an exciting night, so don't forget to order your tickets!

And...wish us luck that hopefully one day we will sort all of our Legos...

What does it mean to me to be on the Bayou Builders?

Adam (12):

Being a Bayou Builder means to me that we are part of a team where we all contribute to whatever we are doing. When we work together we develop social skills and make friends. We create amazing things, and we learn a lot in the process. We have so many team members and every single one of us has done something on our project, robot and to get ready for our competitions. Being a Bayou Builder is a wonderful experience and I would recommend you do whatever you like even if it's not Legos. Don't give up! Follow your dreams and you could do something amazing.

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