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Meeting with PatentDive: Invention Disclosure

We started this Friday's meeting making arrangements for the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission's annual symposium. We will be Exhibitors at this event. We've been asked to demo our work on Guardian Angel, update participants on our progress with last year's project (an artificial oyster reef using reclaimed concrete, wire and glass) and to share our experiences in FIRST.

We then had the chance to meet with representatives from PatentDive to keep working on our provisional patent for Guardian Angel. The goal of today's meeting was to complete the "invention disclosure" process. This was a great experience. We worked with patent experts, Eric and Michelle, to really think through and plan out how Guardian Angel works and how the user would interact with it. We even had the chance to work in the systems we hope for eventually include. The whole process was really user friendly and not intimidating at all. We also had a member of FRC Torbotics #2080's Business Team at our meeting to learn more about the patent process. She shared with us information on what an FRC Business Team does. We can't wait to see what happens next with the patent!

Following our meeting with PatentDive, we broke out into groups to get some work done. Matthew, Preston, Linus and me worked on blog posts from the past two meetings. Quinn (and eventually Matthew and Jillian) worked with Mr. Ben to experiment with Guardian Angel. Rebekah and Jillian worked with our Torbotics mentors and Ms. Jean-Marie on project script revisions. Holden, Adam and Jesse continued working on our attachment for launch 4.

What does the Bayou Builders mean to me?

Jasmine (12):

What's it like to be a part of the Bayou Builders? It's amazing! Yeah, there might be tough days, but when you get to a meeting you're happy. Everyone around you is happy and everyone loves to have everyone on the team. Even though we may disagree, we work it out and settle disagreements. It's OK to make mistakes.

Linus (11):

At the Bayou Builders we work and figure out problems, but at the same time we have fun! We split up into work groups and work on different things every day so everyone has the chance to work on all the different parts. We always respect everyone's ideas. That is why I like being on the Bayou Builders FLL team.

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