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What it's like to be a Bayou Builder...

Hi! We are the Bayou Builders, a community team based out of Hammond, Louisiana. We are a team of ten elementary - middle school students from 8 - 13 years old.

What do the Bayou Builders mean to me?

Well, I guess you could say the Bayou Builders are like my family away from my family if that makes sense. I have personally known six out of my fellow nine teammates for at least three years or more so I have grown to think of them as my second family. Even the three I met just this August are included. It is always my favorite part of the week to hang out with them. Sure, we can be a little crazy...but what can you expect from 10 kids? - Rebekah (age 13)

I have always wanted to be a part of the Bayou Builders ever since my older sister was on the team. Why? Well, because I have always wanted to be just like her. My favorite part of the meetings is the team building activities because we always come up with the coolest ideas in my opinion. I'm excited to run our robot, Shark Byte at Worlds because I get to press the button a bunch of times! I love that I get to help program the robot. I have also learned a lot about chemistry from working on the project. I really liked soldering the piece needed to start the whole pH process. - Jillian (age 8)

Ok! Now on to what it's like to be a Bayou Builder.

Every meeting we start with a "community meeting." We meet as a group to discuss any updates, what we are going to do that day and make group decisions. Like today...we are starting this blog, so Jillian and I (Rebekah), had this as our goal for us to do today. Adam (12), Matthew (12), Quinn (11) and Preston (9) are working on our project (more on that another time). Holden (12), Jasmine (12), Jesse (12) and Linus (11) are working on building an attachment for our robot for Launch 4. Before we broke into these smaller groups, we practiced our Project, Core Values and Robot Design presentations. We did a team building activity and went through one full run on our robot. We also started discussing ideas and making plans for our upcoming Family Lego Night fundraiser.

Well that's a day in the life of a Bayou Builder.

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